Business Maintenance in a Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Now that you have established your LLC or business entity in NC, the company has a few responsibilities for business maintenance.

  • Submit the company’s annual report
  • Have a current Registered Agent on record with the NC Secretary of State
  • Notify the Secretary of State of any change in the Registered Agent


Annual Reports

A NC domestic limited liability company must submit an annual report to the NC Secretary of State each year. The information on the annual report must be accurate and correct. Annual Reports are due on April 15th following the year of creation. *This must be filed before or on April 15th or else the company will be administratively dissolved.


The annual report filing fee is $200. Not paying or filing your Annual Report is the easiest way to lose your LLC protection.


Administrative Dissolution

Your company will be administratively dissolved if you do not file an annual report each year. To reinstate your company, you need to file Application for Reinstatement following Administrative Dissolution form. You must file the application for reinstatement and the missing annual report(s) at the same time.


To Amend the Registered Agent

*can be done by filing the company’s annual report or

*by submitting an Amendment to the Amendment to Articles of Organization


Yes, we have a video on that! Check out our video on LLC Formation.


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*This information is taken from the North Carolina Secretary of State’s website and can be viewed here.

Contact the NC Secretary of State

2 South Salisbury St.

Raleigh, NC 27601



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