Raleigh Criminal Defense Law Firm

When you are in need of a Raleigh Criminal Defense Attorney, it’s hard to determine who will best represent your interests.  Whether you received a Traffic Ticket, cited for Driving While Intoxicated in Raleigh, charged with a Misdemeanor or a Felony in Wake County, finding the right Criminal and Traffic Attorney in the Triangle area can be difficult.  You want a skilled Attorney to fight for your rights to ensure the absolute best outcome for your case, but at the same time you want an attorney who is available to answer your questions and stand with you in court through all of the proceedings.

We here at the Matheson Law Office, Pllc pride ourselves, not only on the high quality legal representation we provide, but also on the top-notch customer service we insist on. Cary DUI Attorney Employing a former Prosecutor, the Matheson Law Office seeks to provide our clients with some of the best criminal defense representation.  In addition to outstanding legal defense work, we also seek to provide a comfortable and reassuring experience for those facing the North Carolina Criminal Justice System.  You see, we feel the diligent legal representation we offer our clients is only one part of the job.  If someone is in need of our services, it is not at a time in their lives when they need the added burden of an unresponsive legal counsel.  Though we spend long hours in our attempt to procure the best available outcome for our clients, we never neglect to keep our clients informed and updated on the progress of their case.

So when you are looking for Raleigh Criminal Defense Attorneys or Raleigh DUI Attorneys to best represent your interest, whether in criminal court, traffic court or DWI court, contact the Matheson Law Office today and we’ll be happy to discuss your case with you FREE OF CHARGE!  We provide a thorough CASE EVALUATION, which includes an evaluation of the charges you face, the evidence against you, all potential defenses, potential plea agreements and an explanation of  North Carolina’s Criminal Sentencing Structure.


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